Empower your team with our affordable, remote-friendly HR advisory support; complete with templates, compliance checklists, and on-demand assistance. Discover the power of a human-centered approach.

Inclusive HR solutions for mission-driven organizations

You’ve come to the right place. Our accessible packages give you the tools to establish systems for your people-first organization with confidence.

Trying to create an HR structure that supports your unique nonprofit, social justice organization, or startup is a challenge in itself. Combine that with tight budgets or operational capacity restraints, and you have a recipe for burnout. What if you didn’t have to start from scratch or try to fit corporate HR structures? What if you had an affordable, remote-friendly HR ally for your community-driven mission? Our LHRC Help Desk gives you the resources to build a strong foundation. 

Wish you could skip the mental gymnastics of manually setting up HR workflows on a budget?

Being a decision-maker for a people-over-profit organization is incredibly rewarding, yet it comes with its unique challenges. At a certain point, wearing all the hats can become overwhelming, compromising your ability to manage your teams. Sound familiar? You might be ready for a comprehensive HR solution that gives you more space to do what you’re best at—leading humans. Imagine the relief of getting the tools you need to set up automated HR systems and streamline your recruitment process.
Our online solutions equip you with inclusive HR practices that help you drive your organization’s mission while improving employee quality of life and empowering your team to reach their full potential. Driven by a passion for purpose-driven ventures, we empower leaders like you to reclaim your time by strategically using HR. We’ll show you how to leverage the power of automated HR software while sticking to your budget—because your social startup deserves it.

LHRC Help Desk helps you create a workplace where teams feel inspired & supported. 

This is ALL possible. I'll show you how!

Support your organization with HR compliance templates and policies designed with an inclusive, human-centered approach.

Access progressive HR solutions to everyday challenges.

Create teams that grow together with sustainable systems that acknowledge employee concerns and address them compassionately.

Make every member of your team feel valued.

Our digital HR solution grants access to time-saving templates and policies, giving you more time to focus on your mission.

Eliminate hours of weekly admin work. 

What if you could...

woah, that's true.

With LHRC Help Desk packages, you never need to feel that way again! As a boutique HR consulting agency with over 50 years of combined experience supporting mission-driven organizations, we give you the tools & resources to build your HR workflows from the ground up. 

We know what it feels like to be a passionate leader whose resources are stretched thin.

Looking for an innovative HR solution that helps you save time while centering social impact?

You can build lasting teams while staying true to your values and budget. LHRC Help Desk is here to show you how.

Comprehensive HR support for nonprofits, startups, and social justice organizations that takes you from overworked to empowered.

Remote-friendly HR advisory solutions. Designed for changemakers, by changemakers

meet your

Need guidance for complex issues? Email one of our HR experts specializing in mission-driven organizations and legislation.

1:1 HR Support with an Expert

Stay on top of the latest laws and regulations with our HR compliance archive while tracking and scheduling key dates with our HR Compliance calendar.

Seamless Reporting with an HR Compliance Checklist

From email and policy templates to job description builders, forms, and letters, our MineralHR platform provides an all-inclusive resource library.

Customizable HR Templates for Productivity

3 Core Ways Our Inclusive HR Support Helps You Drive Your Organization’s Mission 

Once you start implementing LHRC Help Desk, your whole team will notice

That’s why we’ve designed innovative HR support for mission-driven organizations that don’t have the advantage of corporate C-level budgets. LHRC Help Desk helps you automate what you can, carving out more time to be human where it counts. Show up for your team with integrity with a holistic platform and HR experts by your side.

Making your employees feel valued should be an accessible reality

How much does LHRC Help Desk cost?

well, this sounds amazing.




essential plan



  • HR Compliance Library
  • Job Description Building
  • Compliance Calendar
  • Template Library
Inlcudes Everything in the basic plan plus:
  • mineral expert on demand
Includes Everything in the basic and essential plans plus:
  • legacyhrc emaiL support

But will this work for me?

To get the most out of LHRC Help Desk, you must be willing to dedicate the time to customize templates and do the initial work to automate workflows to your organization’s needs.

You’re looking for a done-for-you HR service.

While you can access 1-on-1 support with our Essentials and VIP package, all support is offered through virtual communication.

You’re looking for an on-site talent acquisition or HR specialist.

LHRC Help Desk is largely powered by digital software and communication, so a willingness to learn new technologies is highly recommended.

You’re intimidated by technology and unwilling to learn new softwares.

Our offers are best suited for executives in social innovation who are fairly new to the HR environment and looking for a solid foundation to streamline processes.

You already have substantial experience in executive HR roles.

This is not for you if...

Once you set up your customized templates, forms, and letters, you can reclaim your time for what matters most—driving social change.

You’re willing to dedicate a few hours to customizing workflows that will save you hours every week.

With 3-tiers of accessible flat-fee packages, sustainable HR support is finally within reach—no monthly retainers or in-house specialist fees!

You’re eager to inspire your team, but your resources are tight.

Our MineralHR platform, compliance calendar, and on-demand Mineral Expert advisory are your remote-friendly path to HR success.

You’re tech-savvy, but unsure how to set up efficient HR systems.

LHRC Help Desk provides a solid foundation to help you approach HR from an inclusive, human-centered lens.

You’re a mission-driven executive leader with limited HR expertise.

This is for you if...

Julissa Martis is a true HR generalist, she has over 15 years of experience in creating HR Strategy, recruiting, people operations, employee relations, employee engagement, compliance, HR project management & creating human-centered processes and policies to support team members to continue to do their best work.

She is the Principal Consultant for Legacy HR Consulting, a firm that helps mission-driven organizations attract and retain their top talent through progressive HR strategy and

She has worked in small to medium-sized businesses in the Nonprofit, Health, Maritime, Architecture, and Engineering industries, building the HR function from the ground up.

Throughout her career, she has always been tasked with developing the HR function from the ground up, creating HR strategy and policies that meet the strategic goals of the organization.

Julissa was born and raised in Bronx, NY, spent most of her time in Oklahoma City, OK, and currently calls Houston, TX home. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Oklahoma and her Master of Business Administration at Oklahoma Christian University. She is currently a certified Human Resource Project Manager. She is also certified as a LUMA Human-Centered Design Practitioner.

Because being able to show up authentically in my workplace changed my life

why trust me?

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Get personalized advice from someone who shares your passion for social change and has the experience to support you through complex challenges.

1-on-1 HR support for mission-driven leaders 

Simplify your onboarding and offboarding processes with sample job descriptions and a library of employee forms and policies.

Strategic recruitment solutions 

Our MineralHR platform provides compliance checklists, calendars, and up-to-date policies to help you stay on top of your HR compliance.

Seamless HR compliance

Implement inclusive HR practices that empower your team members to show up authentically, increasing productivity and morale.

A human-centered workplace

Here’s what LHRC Help Desk could look like for your organization

ok, let's recap!

i'm all in

If the answer’s yes, you’re not alone. LHRC Help Desk is here to help you drive your mission by building a supportive workplace. Select one of our inclusive HR packages today to uplevel your organization today.  

Are you ready to spend less time stressing over the fine print and more time making an impact?

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